GTECH Communication is focused on providing products and solutions for GSM Termination business only.
Our objective is not only to propose the devices, we are looking for building long-lasting partnership.


GTECH Communication is a leader company which offers innovative telecommunication solutions for interconnecting mobile networks via VOIP. Thanks to our deep knowledge of VOIP and Cellular Mobile Communication, we offer you the best solution for GSM Termination projects around the world.


GTECH’s activity only focuses on providing products and solutions for GSM termination business. Used as a stand-alone gateway or part of a SIM Server.


GTECH has established several partnerships that enable you to succeed in doing termination business by making it more efficient.

24/7 technical support

GTECH objective is to establish long term partnership, this is why we put at the disposal of its customers 24/7 hour technical support for any issue.

Voice Traffic Guaranteed


We are looking for business partners. We have termination partners which provides voice traffic with flexible payment terms. This model builds trust on our partners.


You won’t lose time to start your GSM Termination Business. You will quickly realize how your low investment returns into high profit.


You will get free support and training for installation and maintenance.


GTECH helps its customers to collect voice traffic through its voip partners. This service allows quick turnaround of their investments; reducing voice traffic collection concerns for Gtech Customers.

… and “Yes!”, we work with Germany!



Sim Server is the device for SIM storage. Sim Server and GSM VOIP Gateway ( DWG ) work together under control of SIM Cloud, through private communication protocol based on IP network, which implement remote SIM communication and remote device management.

  • Support working under NAT
  • Capability up to 128 SIMs
  • Support multiple Sim Server working together
  • Working with DWG
  • Flexing SIM schedule policy (work with SIM Cloud)
  • High efficiency and stability of Data transport
  • Compatible with 2G/3G SIM
  • SIM is hot-swappable
  • Support remote lock/unlock SIM
  • Support remote control of device


Glober GSM gateway series are multi-functional product used to effectively implement the smooth transition between mobile and VoIP network. With new designed pop-up SIM card slot, users are able to change SIM card easily without dismantling equipment. It is fully compatible with Gtech SIMCloud/SIMbank solution and easy to use. Moreover, with built-in 4–1 antenna power divider which is saving space and more easier to install and maintain.

  • 16/32 GSM/CDMA/WCDMA Channels SMS Sending and Receiving
  • GSM: Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz USSD, Open API for SMS/USSD
  • CDMA: 800MHz(Optional) PSTN and VoIP Hotline
  • WCDMA: 900/2100MHz(Optional) BCCH
  • Up to 32 Concurrent Calls PIN Code Management
  • Flexible Dial Rules and Manipulation Rules Remote SIM Card Management(SIMCloud)



VoipZip is developed to reduce bandwidth consumption of VoIP with a special compression method without any sacrifice of voice quality! So whether it is termination or origination, VoipZip is the right product which will provide improved efficiency.

You Have 3 Reasons to Use VOIPZIP

Other Advantages

  • VoipZip may work under NAT from real IP or public IP
  • VoipZip works with any Soft Switch
  • VoipZip provides routing, route priority and control of quality for every gateway of termination
  • Data compression is so efficient that VoipZip even increases ACD* and decreases PDD**
  • Complete routing with capacity control, priority of routes, quality control with least cost, quality, and priority based routing for every terminating end point/gateway.

* ACD: Average Call Duration
** PDD: Post Dial Duration

Consumption Chart

Generally, per E1 bandwidth consumption with G.729 Codec is 936 Kbps (31.2 kb/s) and with G.723 its 657 Kbps (21.9 Kb/s). VoipZip reduces the consumption to:

  • 255 Kbps per E1 (8.5 Kbps per call) with G.729 Codec
  • 150 Kbps per E1 (5 Kbps per call) with G.729 Codec with Silence Suppression enabled
  • 180 Kbps per E1 (6 Kbps per call) with G.723 Codec

Codecs & Protocols

» Supported Codes: G729, G723, GSM, AMR
» SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)


SimGuard Premium Call Filter is an innovative aggregated data service that provides the best possible filtering against robot dialer call attempts.

SimGuard Premium Call Filter is based on a list of criterias used by our own algorithms. The criteria, as well as the algorithms, are regularly updated.

This is done thanks to our expertise as well as with data analysis of multiple connections on a wide range of mobile providers.

How Does It Work?

SimGuard Premium Call Filter will filter each of your call attempts (you can select what route/numbers to filter or not), and deliver your call termination solution a recommendation on how to handle each attempt, i.e. the final decision whether to route the call to the SIM card or not remains on your Call Termination solution.

In addition, SimGuard Premium Call Filter manages a real time dynamic list of worldwide numbers which can be associated with your own customized list of numbers.

In such case, where your own filter would lead to a decision about how to handle the call, before the SimGuard Premium Call Filter jumps in, there will be no charge due.




Robot dialer calling is the ultimate anti-bypass feature and with 100% success!

SIM card gets blocked as soon as it has been connected with a robot dialer call

Because everyone tries to filter but, in the end, only a few succeed

Not having robot dialer call filter may expose you to the leftover traffic filtered by your competitors

Robot dialers help the operators to find your remote locations

Key Benefits

Requirements: Softswitch supporting SIP or H323

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the products for GSM Termination?

There are only two different products for GSM Termination.

1. GSM gateway – routes the VoIP (SIP & H.323) traffic into GSM network. There are 5 different models, 4—8—16—24 and 32 GSM-UMTS channel capacity that can be utilized either a stand- alone gateway or as part of a Sim Server system.

2. SIM server – All management operations are executed from a central site even if your GSM gateways are deployed in several locations or across continents. The gateway architecture manages with the SIM Server the SIM allocation without the need of human intervention with the sim cards in a single location.

2. What is the capacity of SIM Server?

There are 2 models and the major difference is the SIM capacity.
The models have 64 – 128 SIM Capacity.
One SIM Server can handle 96 concurrent calls and 6 gateways.
This is fairly enough to expand your business to a large scale by having many SIM Servers.

3. Do you need any additional Server or Software?

You don’t need any additional product for your project.
The software are built into the gateway and SIM Server.
So, you don’t need any extra software or server.

4. What is the required internet connection bandwidth for the project?

One channel would consume approximately 35kbps.
If you have 32 channel capacity of gateway in a location, you should have 1 MBps internet connection at least.
The most important thing to consider is to check if your UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD speeds are at least 1MB, and you have static IP.
Otherwise you have to use our VPN solution in order to reduce bandwidth consumption.

5. Why you should choose to become a partner of us?

GTech offers you the strongest and the most intelligent GSM termination gateways and SIM management solutions with affordable prices.
Our goal is not selling devices only, but giving full service of installation, maintenance and support with our strong telecom partners.
This unique business model builds trusts and brings many advantages with it.
To start a new business brings some barriers and risks with it, especially without deep know-how about the sector.

Most probably, you will lose time and effort on these major steps:
1. Financing the whole project
2. Installing the gateways and understanding the products
3. Learning SIM management
4. Maintaining the system quality for 7/24
5. Finding customers to fill your capacity
6. Getting paid for the invoices you earned

Our unique business model is to make these subjects clear for you. In our partnership proposal;
1. We will give you a financial support. We only ask you the %50 of the total amount as an initial payment to ship the products, and the rest %50 will be charged off from the voice traffic
2. We will assist you on installation
3. We will assist and train you on SIM Management
4. We will assist you on maintaining the service quality
5. We will be your customer with traffic guarantee
6. You will be paid regularly

6. Are there any hidden charges?

After you pay back the total amount of the project amount, the products will be all yours.

7. Does this partnership have continuity and any obligations?

This partnership program has no time limit and the only obligation is to pay the total amount of the project.
The goal is to build trust and to have long lasting business relations between the companies.
Our partners are free to work with any other companies after they pay the total amount.
It is their choice to make.
So we work hard not to lose you as a partner all the time.